Aqua Kenzo Neo Edition pour Femme

Aqua Kenzo Neo Edition pour Femme
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Aqua Kenzo Neo Edition pour Femme
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A wave of aquatic freedom is sweeping over women's fragrance with the collector's AQUA KENZO NEO EDITION. Diving head-first into fresh or salt water, plunging into the deep blue sea and dancing on waves: the freedom and intensity of aquatic sensations are the source of inspiration for AQUA KENZO NEO EDITION by KENZO PARFUMS. As a gift to yourself or someone special, AQUA KENZO NEO EDITION Eau de Toilette for women reveals its beauty: pale sea green and rose wax restore radiance to this feminine fragrance reinterpreting the Great Wave by Japanese artist Hokusai. K by Kenzo invites you to open the 'pop art' pouch and discover the bottle. Once unveiled, the fresh lightweight Eau de Toilette will be seen in a new light. An original gift idea! Dive into the summer with the limited edition fragrance of the moment, AQUA KENZO NEO EDITION.