Johnnie Walker Explorers' Club Spice Road 1L

Johnnie Walker Explorers' Club Spice Road 1L
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Johnnie Walker Explorers' Club Spice Road 1L
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Nose: Classic Walker notes of waxy floral aromas, some furniture polish, swathes of smoke, but something altogether spicier. Dried mixed citrus peel, a hint of anise, a some cinnamon and a rich dark demerara sugar. Inviting, rich and very seasonal. Palate: The smoke is very pronounced and up front, with a burnt bonfire note mixing smoothly with a dry, oaky mouthfeel. The anise, liquorice and cinnamon all present themselves alongside some tart green apple peel. An extremely bold palate and perhaps one of the darkest, woodiest Walker blends we've tried. Finish: Lingering sherry steeped oak, malt extract, charcoal/soot and dry cassia bark coat the palate. Very lengthy indeed. Overall: For a premium blend this is extremely good value. The balance is drier and richer than other Walker blends and as a result we can see this being ideally suited for sinking over ice on the verander in summer of perhaps in the evening in front of the fire. 40% Alc./Vol.